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de BoerTransmissies bv



De Boer Transmissies is a progressive company. Specializing in diagnosis, remanufacturing and modifications of manual transmissions and automatic transmiss ions for passenger cars and
light trucks.

With several years of experience and the investments in technical training, diagnostics equipment and excellent service, de Boer Transmissies provides quality solutions for our customers.
Long term reationships, established by respecting both our staff and our customers is a core value of our company and a key component to our success and growth.

Customer service representatives work closely with our technical and production staff to provide rapid responses to customer inquiries.
This is why De Boer Transmissies team makes the difference for our customers. For anything regarding manual transmissions, automatic transmissions, cores, hard parts and technical sup port. We are there for you with a team of positive and well trained people, with each his own special skills.
We believe that we are your best partner for al your transmission solutions.

De Boer Transmissies originated from ATS (Automatic Transmission Service) which was build up by Hans de Boer sr. in 1959. The company was established in Amsterdam and was sold in 1986 to ATT (Automatic Transmission Techniek).

The de Boer family started a new company in Wapserveen: de Boer Transmissies. The intention was to stay a small company, but soon the company grew into one of the most progressive companies in Holland.

One of the main reasons for this are the old customers who were missing the service and quality of ATS and came there for it to de Boer Transmissies.

Hans de Boer sr. has retired and now lives in Germany. Their son Hans de Boer jr. took over the company in 2001. His team now exists of 6 employees who share more than 53 years knowledge and experience in automatic and manual transmissions.
Preset hans de boer Jr is constantly working in the 2008 founded company Coresupply this company work Wordwide with automotive parts and has left de Boer transmissies in the good hand’s from Jan ten klooster. Who has a great knowledge on diagnostic and electronic components witch is a great value for the company.
He is succefully trained by ZF in diverent kind of levels witch is a great benefit for the shop and his custumors.

Best regards,

The De Boer Transmissie Team